PD-APM Project Team

Anne Foegen, Principal Investigator and Project Director Professor, Iowa State University

Anne Foegen teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in assessment, instructional methods for students with learning disabilities, and instructional strategies in mathematics for struggling secondary learners. Her research interests focus on the development and implementation of progress monitoring measures in mathematics across the K-12 grade span. View curriculum vitae.

Pam Stecker, Clemson University Project Director Professor, Clemson University

Pamela Stecker teaches undergraduate courses in reading and mathematics instruction for learners with disabilities, master-level coursework in learning disabilities, and doctoral coursework in instructional strategies and assessment for learners at risk or who have mild disabilities. Her research has focused on the development, technical features, and teachers' use of progress monitoring data for instructional decision-making in literacy and mathematics. View curriculum vitae.

Peter Boysen, Technology Coordinator, Iowa State University

Pete Boysen, retired, was a senior systems analyst in Information Technology Services. His career involved building computer-based instructional applications for over 30 years. He has been building computer-based instructional applications for over 30 years. He is the lead designer for ThinkSpace, a web-based learning tool designed by faculty to present real-world problems to students, support portfolios and other learning activities. View curriculum vitae.

Jeannette Olson, Project Coordinator for Design and Development Program Coordinator, Iowa State University

Jeannette Olson served as the project coordinator for the Project AAIMS grant project that developed the algebra progress monitoring measures that are featured in PD-APM. Currently, she is the primary Project AAIMS face-to-face trainer. View curriculum vitae.

Graduate students 

The following students contributed to the development and maintenance of the Professional Development in Algebra Progress Monitoring professional development modules and/or scoring and data management tools:

  • Iowa State University
    • Rachel Graham
    • Becky Popelka
    • Subhalakshmi Singamaneni
  • Clemson University
    • Amber Simpson
    • Renee Lyons
    • Erica Halter
    • Joanna B. Stegall
    • Jennifer Y. Wagner
    • Patrick Van Stee
    • Adam Cross
    • James C. Collins
    • Kyungsoo Im
  • George Mason University 
    • Abigail Reiter
    • Perry Threlfall

We also acknowledge the early contributions of Dr. Roy Pargas of Clemson University and Dr. James Witte of George Mason University to the creation and development of the Professional Development for Algebra Progress Monitoring project.