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Papers and Publications


  • Abstract algebraic logic and the deduction theorem (draft). (with W. J. Blok) [note: supersedes The deduction theorem in algebraic logic]. pdf
  • Equational reasoning with subtypes (draft). (with G. Leavens). pdf
  • Behavioral reasoning for conditional equations. (draft). (with M. A. Martins). pdf

Recent Publications

  • Fregean logics. Ann. Pure and Applied Logic, 127(2004), 17-76. (with J. Czelakowski). Provinces of logic determined. Essays in the memory of Alfred Tarski. Parts IV, V and VI. Eds: Z. Adamowicz, S. Artemov, D. Niwinski, E. Orlowska, A. Romanowska and J. Wolenskito.
  • Fregean logics with the multiterm deduction theorem and their algebraization. Studia Logica, 78(2004), 171-212. (with J.Czelakowski).
  • A survey of abstract algebraic logic. Studia Logica 74(2003). Abstract Algebraic Logic II, Editors (J. M. Font, R. Jansana, and D. Pigozzi). Special issue devoted to the second volume of proceedings of the Workshop on Abstract Algebraic Logic, held at the Centre de Recerca Matem`atica, Bellaterra (Barcelona, Spain), 1-5 July 1997 (with J. M. Font and R. Jansana).
  • Combining interpreted languages in abstract algebraic logic. In Proceedings of the ComLog'04. Editors (W. A. Carnielli, F. M. Dionisio, and P. Mateus). CLE e-Prints 4(5)2004 (Section Logic).


  • Introduction pdf

  • Chapter 1 pdf

  • Chapter 2 pdf

  • Chapter 3 pdf

  • Chapter 4 pdf

  • Chapter 5 pdf

  • Appendices pdf