2022 Publications


  1. [abstract] Emergence of Fermi arcs due to magnetic splitting in an antiferromagnet

Nature Communications

  1. [abstract] Magnetic field screening in hydrogen-rich high-temperature superconductors

npj Quantum Materials

  1. [abstract] Ubiquitous enhancement of nematic fluctuations across the phase diagram of iron based superconductors probed by the Nernst effect

npj Computational Materials

  1. [abstract] Machine learning guided discovery of ternary compounds involving La and immiscible Co and Pb elements

Physical Review B

  1. [abstract] Small-moment antiferromagnetic ordering in single-crystalline La2Ni7
  2. [abstract] Spin-polarized imaging of strongly interacting fermions in the ferrimagnetic state of the Weyl candidate CeBi
  3. [abstract] Effects of external pressure on the narrow-gap semiconductor Ce3Cd2As6
  4. [abstract] Erratum: Anisotropic thermodynamic and transport properties of single-crystalline CaKFe4As4 [Phys. Rev. B 94, 064501 (2016)]
  5. [abstract] Insulating antiferromagnetism in VTe
  6. [abstract] Hydrostatic pressure effect on the Co-based honeycomb magnet BaCo2(AsO4)2
  7. [abstract] Superconductivity and phase diagrams of CaK(Fe1−xMnx)4As4 single crystals
  8. [abstract] Canted antiferromagnetic phases in the candidate layered Weyl material EuMnSb2
  9. [abstract] Weak itinerant magnetic phases of La2Ni7
  10. [abstract] Rare-earth monopnictides: Family of antiferromagnets hosting magnetic Fermi arcs
  11. [abstract] Pressure-temperature phase diagram of CaK(Fe1−xMnx)4As4(x=0.024)
  12. [abstract] NMR evidence for a Peierls transition in the layered square-net compound LaAgSb2
  13. [abstract] Spin-density-wave order controlled by uniaxial stress in CeAuSb2

Physical Review Materials

  1. [abstract] Statistics on magnetic properties of Co compounds: A database-driven method for discovering Co-based ferromagnets

Physical Review X

  1. [abstract] Low-Temperature Competing Magnetic Energy Scales in the Topological Ferrimagnet TbMn6Sn6

Physical Review Research

  1. [abstract] Superconducting density of states and band structure at the surface of the candidate topological superconductor Au2Pb

MRS Bulletin

  1. [abstract] RPtBi: Magnetism and topology
  2. [abstract] Full and half-Heusler compounds

Chemistry of Materials

  1. [abstract] Pseudo-Polymorphism in Layered FeS Intercalates: A Competition between Charged and Neutral Guest Species

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

  1. [abstract] Topological Magnetic Hysteresis in Single Crystals of CeAgSb2 Ferromagnet

Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism

  1. [abstract] High‑Temperature Superconductivity in Hydrides: Experimental Evidence and Details
  2. [abstract] On the Analysis of the Tin-Inside-H3S Mössbauer Experiment

Measurement Science and Technology

  1. [abstract] Temperature dependent striction effect in a single crystalline Nd2Fe14B revealed using a novel high temperature resistivity measurement technique

Journal of Applied Crystallography

  1. [abstract]  Effects of magnetic and non-magnetic doping on the vortex lattice in MgB2

Philosophical Magazine

  1. [abstract] Magnetisation and magneto-transport measurements on CeBi single crystals
  2. [abstract] Correction to "Study of the ferromagnetic quantum phase transition in Ce3−xMgxCo9"

Inorganic Chemistry

  1. [abstract] Tuning of Cr−Cr Magnetic Exchange through Chalcogenide Linkers in Cr2 Molecular Dimers

Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie

  1. [abstract] Use of Refractory-Volatile Element Deep Eutectic Regions to Grow Single Crystalline Intermetallic Compounds


  1. [abstract] Effects of Physical and Chemical Pressure on Charge Density Wave Transitions in LaAg1−xAuxSb2 Single Crystals

Frontiers in Physics

  1. [abstract] Nematicity and Glassy Behavior Probed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Iron-Based Superconductors

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A

  1. [abstract] Experimental X-ray Charge-Density Studies─A Suitable Probe for Superconductivity? A Case Study on MgB2