2017 Publications

Physical Review Letters

  1. [abstract] Effect of Biaxial Strain on the Phase Transitions of Ca(Fe1-xCox)2As2

Physical Review B

  1. [abstract] Crystal electric field excitations in the quasicrystal approximant TbCd6 studied by inelastic neutron scattering
  2. [abstract] BaSn2: A wide-gap strong topological insulator
  3. [abstract] Nodeless multiband superconductivity in stoichiometric single-crystalline CaKFe4As4
  4. [abstract] Tuning the Kondo effect in Yb(Fe1-xCox)2Zn20
  5. [abstract] Phonon-induced topological transition to a type-II Weyl semimetal
  6. [abstract] Vortex creep at very low temperatures in single crystals of the extreme type-II superconductor Rh9In4S4
  7. [abstract] Critical speeding up of nonequilibrium electronic relaxation near nematic phase transition in unstrained Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2
  8. [abstract] Pressure induced change in the electronic state of Ta4Pd3Te16
  9. [abstract] Three-dimensionality of the bulk electronic structure in WTe2
  10. [abstract] Highly responsive ground state of PbTaSe2: Structural phase transition and evolution of superconductivity under pressure
  11. [abstract] Dome of magnetic order inside the nematic phase of sulfur-substituted FeSe under pressure
  12. [abstract] Electronic structure of RSb (R = Y, Ce, Gd, Dy, Ho, Tm, Lu) studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  13. [abstract] GdPtPb: A noncollinear antiferromagnet with distorted kagome lattice
  14. [abstract] Optical anisotropy in the electronic nematic phase of FeSe
  15. [abstract] Effect of proton irradiation on the normal-state low-energy excitations of Ba(Fe1-xRhx)2As2 superconductors
  16. [abstract] Magnetic fluctuations and superconducting properties of CaKFe4As4 studied by 75As NMR
  17. [abstract] Pressure-induced half-collapsed-tetragonal phase in CaKFe4As4
  18. [abstract] Extremely large magnetoresistance and Kohler's rule in PdSn4: A complete study of thermodynamic, transport, and band-structure properties
  19. [abstract] Collapsed tetragonal phase transition in LaRu2P2
  20. [abstract] NMR evidence for static local nematicity and its cooperative interplay with low-energy magnetic fluctuations in FeSe under pressure
  21. [abstract] NMR study of the new magnetic superconductor CaK(Fe0.951Ni0.049)4As4: Microscopic coexistence of the hedgehog spin-vortex crystal and superconductivity


  1. [abstract] Discovery of orbital-selective Cooper pairing in FeSe

Physical Review Materials

  1. [abstract] Optimization of the crystal growth of the superconductor CaKFe4As4 from solution in the FeAs-CaFe2As2-KFe2As2 system

Journal of the American Chemical Society

  1. [abstract] Charge Density Wave in the New Polymorphs of RE2Ru3Ge5 (RE = Pr, Sm, Dy)

Nature Communications

  1. [abstract] Tricritical wings and modulated magnetic phases in LaCrGe3 under pressure
  2. [abstract] Superelasticity and cryogenic linear shape memory effects of CaFe2As2

Physik in unserer Zeit

  1. [abstract] Eisenbasierte Vielfalt : Unkonventionelle Hochtemperatur-Supraleitung

Materials Chemistry and Physics

  1. [abstract] Crystal structure, magnetization, 125Te NMR, and Seebeck coefficient of Ge49Te50R1 (R = La, Pr, Gd, Dy, and Yb)

Philosophical Magazine

  1. [abstract57Fe Mossbauer study of stoichiometric iron-based superconductor CaKFe4As4: a comparison to KFe2As2 and CaFe2As2
  2. [abstract] Growth and characterization of BaZnGa

Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials

  1. [abstract] Crystal structure, homogeneity range and electronic structure of rhombohedral γ-Mn5Al8
  2. [abstract] The solidification of Al-Pd-Mn studied by high-energy X-ray diffraction from electrostatically levitated samples

Scripta Materialia

  1. [abstract] Superelastic and micaceous deformation in the intermetallic compound CaFe2As2

Chemistry-A European Journal

  1. [abstract] Polar Intermetallics Pr5Co2Ge3 and Pr7Co2Ge4 with Planar Hydrocarbon-Like Metal Clusters