2018 Publications


  1. [abstract] Probing magnetism in 2D van der Waals crystalline insulators via electron tunneling

npj Quantum Materials

  1. [abstract] Hedgehog spin-vortex crystal stabilized in a hole-doped iron-based superconductor

Nature Materials

  1. [abstract] Imaging orbital-selective quasiparticles in the Hund's metal state of FeSe

Nature Communications

  1. [abstract] Uniaxial strain control of spin-polarization in multicomponent nematic order of BaFe2As2

Physical Review Letters

  1. [abstract] Extreme Field Sensitivity of Magnetic Tunneling in Fe-Doped Li3N
  2. [abstract] Disorder-Driven Transition from s+- to s++ Superconducting Order Parameter in Proton Irradiated Ba(Fe1-xRhx)2As2 Single Crystals
  3. [abstract] Hedgehog Spin-Vortex Crystal Antiferromagnetic Quantum Criticality in CaK(Fe1-xNix)4As4 Revealed by NMR
  4. [abstract] Degeneracy of the 1/8 Plateau and Antiferromagnetic Phases in the Shastry-Sutherland Magnet TmB4
  5. [abstract] Nonequilibrium Pair Breaking in Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 Superconductors: Evidence for Formation of a Photoinduced Excitonic State

Physical Review B

  1. [abstract] Direct visualization of phase separation between superconducting and nematic domains in Co-doped CaFe2As2 close to a first-order phase transition
  2. [abstract] Quantum tricritical point in the temperature-pressure-magnetic field phase diagram of CeTiGe3
  3. [abstract] Pressure dependence of coherence-incoherence crossover behavior in KFe2As2 observed by resistivity and 75As-NMR/NQR
  4. [abstract] Ferromagnetism versus slow paramagnetic relaxation in Fe-doped Li3N
  5. [abstract] Influence of multiband sign-changing superconductivity on vortex cores and vortex pinning in stoichiometric high-Tc CaKFe4As4
  6. [abstract] In-plane magnetic penetration depth of superconducting CaKFe4As4
  7. [abstract] Reduction of the ordered magnetic moment and its relationship to Kondo coherence in Ce1-xLaxCu2Ge2
  8. [abstract] Pressure-tuned superconductivity and normal-state behavior in Ba(Fe0.943Co0.057)2As2 near the antiferromagnetic boundary
  9. [abstract] Robust s± pairing in CaK(Fe1-xNix)4As4 (x=0 and 0.05) from the response to electron irradiation
  10. [abstract] Using first-principles calculations to screen for fragile magnetism: Case study of LaCrGe3 and LaCrSb3
  11. [abstract] Pressure-temperature phase diagrams of CaK(Fe1-xNix)4As4 superconductors
  12. [abstract] Doping evolution of spin fluctuations and their peculiar suppression at low temperatures in Ca(Fe1-xCox)2As2
  13. [abstract] Antiferromagnetic order in CaK(Fe1-xNix)4As4 and its interplay with superconductivity
  14. [abstract] Vibrational anomalies in AFe2As2 (A = Ca, Sr, and Ba) single crystals
  15. [abstract] Indication of subdominant d-wave interaction in superconducting CaKFe4As4
  16. [abstract] Nodeless superconductivity in the type-II Dirac semimetal PdTe2: London penetration depth and pairing-symmetry analysis
  17. [abstract] Persistent correlation between superconductivity and antiferromagnetic fluctuations near a nematic quantum critical point in FeSe1-xSx
  18. [abstract] Trends in pressure-induced layer-selective half-collapsed tetragonal phases in the iron-based superconductor family AeAFe4As4
  19. [abstract] Ingredients for the electronic nematic phase in FeSe revealed by its anisotropic optical response
  20. [abstract] Electronic structure of the topological superconductor candidate Au2Pb
  21. [abstract] High-Tc superconductivity in CaKFe4As4 in absence of nematic fluctuations
  22. [abstract] Effect of nickel substitution on magnetism in the layered van der Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2
  23. [abstract] Suppression of antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations in superconducting Cr0.8Ru0.2
  24. [abstract] Coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism in CaK(Fe1-xNix)4As4 as probed by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy
  25. [abstract] Collapse of the Kondo state and ferromagnetic quantum phase transition in YbFe2Zn20
  26. [abstract] Pressure-induced multiple phase transformations of the BaBi3 superconductor

Physical Review Applied

  1. [abstract] Ce3-xMgxCo9 : Transformation of a Pauli Paramagnet into a Strong Permanent Magnet

Physical Review Materials

  1. [abstract] Ultrahigh critical current densities, the vortex phase diagram, and the effect of granularity of the stoichiometric high-Tc superconductor CaKFe4As4
  2. [abstract] Magnetic properties of single crystalline itinerant ferromagnet AlFe2B2
  3. [abstract] Lack of superconductivity in the phase diagram of single-crystalline Eu(Fe1-xCox)2As2 grown by transition metal arsenide flux
  4. [abstract] Is it possible to stabilize the 1144-phase pnictides with tri-valence cations?

Scientific Reports

  1. [abstract] Giant microwave absorption in fine powders of superconductors

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

  1. [abstract] Nematicity, magnetism and superconductivity in FeSe
  2. [abstract] Universal doping evolution of the superconducting gap anisotropy in single crystals of electron-doped Ba(Fe1-xRhx)2As2 from London penetration depth measurements
  3. [abstract] Multi-band effects in in-plane resistivity anisotropy of strain-detwinned disordered Ba(Fe1-xRux)2As2

Acta Materialia

  1. [abstract] Effects of point defects on the mechanical response of LaRu2P2

New Journal of Physics

  1. [abstract] Spatially-resolved study of the Meissner effect in superconductors using NV-centers-in-diamond optical magnetometry

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

  1. [abstract] On magnetic structure of CuFe2Ge2: Constrains from the 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy

Physica B

  1. [abstract] Ferromagnetic quantum criticality: New aspects from the phase diagram of LaCrGe3

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

  1. [abstract] Different Topological Quantum States in Ternary Zintl compounds: BaCaX (X = Si, Ge, Sn and Pb)

Philosophical Magazine

  1. [abstract] An inverse Ruddlesden-Popper nitride Ca7(Li1-xFex)Te2N2 grown from Ca flux

Journal of Materials Science

  1. [abstract] Defect structures in solution-grown single crystals of the intermetallic compound Ag3Sn
  2. [abstract] Shear localization and size-dependent strength of YCd6 quasicrystal approximant at the micrometer length scale

Chemical Communications

  1. [abstract] Single crystal growth and magnetic properties of the mixed valent Yb containing Zintl phase, Yb14MgSb11


  1. [abstract] A Nanoindentation Study of the Plastic Deformation and Fracture Mechanisms in Single-Crystalline CaFe2As2

Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism

  1. [abstract75As NMR and XRD Study of Structural and Electronic Inhomogeneities in Ba(Fe1-xNix)2As2