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  1. Stat 101: Principles of Statistics.
    Taught during: S23
  2. Stat 330: Probability and Statistics for Computer Science.
    Taught during: F22
  3. Stat 471/571(Section : Ag & Vet Med, formerly Stat 402): Statistical design and the analysis of experiments.
    Taught during: S17, S18, F18, S20, S21, S22.
  4. Stat 587(Section : Ag & Vet Med, formerly Stat 401): Statistical methods for research workers.
    Taught during: F15, F16, F17, S19, F19, F20, S21, F21.
  5. Stat 506: Statistical methods for spatial data.
    Taught during: S16, S18.
  6. Stat 580: Statistical Computing.
    Taught during: S22.
  7. Stat 643: Advanced theory of statistical inference.
    Taught during: F18, F19, F22.