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PhD students

  1. Subrata Pal (joint with Ranjan Maitra)
  2. Bufei Guo (joint with Vivekananda Roy)
  3. Run Wang (joint with Vivekananda Roy)
  4. Xingche Guo (joint with  Yehua Li and Dan Nettleton) Graduated Summer 2021. Post Doc at Columbia University.
  5. Dongjin Li (joint with Vivekananda Roy) Graduated Summer 2021. Quantitative Analytics Specialist at Wells Fargo.
  6. Fan Dai (joint with Ranjan Maitra) Graduated Fall 2020. Tenure Track Assistant Professor at Michigan Technology University.

MS students

  1. Abraham Adokwei
  2. Hao Sun (Graduated Fall 2019)
  3. Fan Dai (Graduated Spring 2019)