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Somak Dutta

Somak Dutta

  • Associate Professor
I am from Kolkata, India. I did my undergraduate in 2008 and masters in 2010 from ISI, Kolkata. I joined the Statistics Department at the University of Chicago to pursue my PhD under Dr. Debashis Mondal. I graduated in 2015 and joined the Iowa State University faculty.

The photo on this page was taken at Fort Morgan, AL during a sunset in December 2019.

My email address is somakd symbol1 iastate symbol2 edu (symbol1 = @, symbol2 = ., remove the spaces)

Contact Info

Snedecor Hall 2409
2438 Osborn Dr.


  • PhD, Statistics, University of Chicago, USA, 2015
  • M.Stat. Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India 2010
  • B.Stat. (Hons. with Distinction) Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India 2008

More Information

MY CALENDAR is here if you'd like to set up consulting meetings.

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