Academic History

Ph. D., Iowa State University, 2006

M. S., Iowa State University, 1998

B. A., National Central University, 1982

Teaching and Expertise

Dr. Chang has taught in the higher education since 1995. She has taught many computer courses in different colleges for the past 20+ years. She is a Blackboard Senior Certified Trainer as well.

Dr. Chang is an Associate Teaching Professor and the Director of Distance Education for the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University. Dr. Chang spearheads the development of distance education curriculum for the department of Computer Science and has designed and developed courses for the ISU Computing Applications Online Certificate Program. She also serves as an evaluator in the 'ISU Vet Med Office of Curricular Assessment and Teaching Support Center'.

Dr. Chang has developed and taught many computer science online courses since 2003 at ISU. One of the large courses she designed and taught by herself since 2003 which serves several hundred students every semester with 94% high student satisfaction rate. The course earned approximately $2,300,000 in student tuition and more than 4,000 credit hours each semester at its peak for the department and college. Besides that, the online courses that she has taught before have earned more than $1,022,700. They generated additional revenue for the department and college because students from off-campus sections paid additional delivery fees for the online courses over the past several years before the pandemic. In addition, it has been offered to the national and international audiences each semester. The course has generated a lot of revenue for the department, college and university in the past several years.

Dr. Chang serves as the Director of Distance Education and has designed and developed the following online courses for the department of Computer Science: 1) Computer Literacy, 2) Computer Literacy and Applications, 3) Introduction to Computers (by using Steve Kautz’s teaching notes as reference), 4) Web Programming, 5) Visual Basic Program I, 6) Advanced Visual Basic Programming, 7) Spreadsheets and Databases. 8) COBOL Programming. She also serves as a mentor and provides services to assist other professors in designing online courses within Blackboard, such as: 1) Java Programming, 2) Advanced Java Programming, 3) Linux Operating System Essentials online courses in the department of Computer Science. The majority of these courses that she designed and mentored are belonged to ISU Computing Applications Online Certificate Program. More online courses will be developed in the near future. She provides services to assists professors in designing online courses at ISU as well.

In summary, multiple sound teaching principles have been employed and many learner-centered online activities were designed for these classes. These online courses were exemplary in the course design, interaction and collaboration, assessment, and learner support. They have promoted students’ learning and helped them reach the highest level of Bloom Taxonomy. Dr. Chang cared about students' learning very much and tried her best to teach and provide the best services to our students. The total amount of students that she has taught was more than 21,000 since 2003. The knowledge and practical skills they have acquired from these cutting-edge computer courses were very beneficial and important for their careers. Students learned very well and immensely enjoyed my courses each semester. She has maintained an impeccably high satisfaction rate each semester for the past 18 years. In addition, she has earned more than 85,000 credit hours and major revenue for the department and college since 2003.