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Dr. Shu-Hui (Susan) Chang named Liberal Arts and Sciences Master Teachers for 2009-10

From "Around LAS"- Liberal and Arts College News
August 24, 2009

AMES, Iowa — Five faculty members in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University were named Master Teachers for 2009-10.

The LAS Master Teachers are Shu-Hui (Susan) Chang, director of distance education and senior lecturer in computer science; Tom Greenbowe, professor of chemistry; Madeleine Henry, professor in world languages and cultures; Lee Honeycutt, associate professor of English; and Fritz Keinert, associate professor of mathematics.

This is the 11th year of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Master Teacher program, which recognizes teachers who have a reputation for using unique methods to enhance student learning. This year’s award recognizes individuals who have successfully enhanced teaching and learning in their courses through the effective use of technology, particularly novel technology.

Previous Master Teacher themes have focused on experiential learning or off-campus learning opportunities, large lecture classrooms, undergraduate research and multicultural teaching activities.

The five Master Teachers will share their innovative teaching methods in a teaching seminar during the academic year.

Woman sitting at a brown desk with a red suit coatThe honorees include:

Shu-Hui (Susan) Chang, director of distance education and senior lecturer in computer science. Chang gained an in-depth expertise in novel learning technologies and their effectiveness during her Ph.D. study, and published her paper in a top-tier journal. She developed extensive experience teaching a very large online course (Com S 103) with approximately 1,000 students and maintained a high student satisfaction rate each semester at ISU for more than five years. She received two international awards: Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Course Program Awards in 2007 and 2008. She also received the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate Introductory Teaching Award in 2008.

Com S 103 covers knowledge units of modern computers and software, and their impacts on society, ethical issues, and applications. Such a course provides important skills to students that help them succeed in life and in their majors. Chang designed and taught the entirely online Com S 201 (COBOL Programming) and was also instrumental in the conversion of Com S 107 (Visual Basic Programming) from a face-to-face course to a web-based version under her charge as Director of Distance Learning in the department.