Facilities & Resources

Our group has the tools and expertise for synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry associated with catalysis.

Tools for synthesis and catalysis include Schlenk lines and gloveboxes for manipulation of air-sensitive materials and a solvent purification system. We have several systems for study of catalytic reactions, including an automated robotic catalysis platform. This system allows for computer-controlled solid, liquid, and gas manipulation, a multi-well reactor for parallel catalysis experiments, and process reactors for scaled-up data acquisition. We also have photolysis reactors, autoclave reactors, and medium-pressure NMR tubes for millimolar-scale reactions.

Within our research laboratory, we have a research grade infrared spectrometer with diffuse reflectance and ATR capabilities, including for in situ kinetic measurements. GC-MS and GC with autosamples are often used in conjuction with our high throughput catalysis platform. UV-vis spectrometers, including a low temperature stage, are also used for characterization and screening. We also have a GPC for polymer analysis.

In addition, we often use shared instrumentation in the Chemistry Instrumentation Facility. This includes 600 and 400 MHz NMR spectrometers, two single crystal X-ray diffractometers, and CHN analyzer.

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