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Senior Research (MTEOR 499)

Required of all senior meteorology majors. Research projects in collaboration with faculty. Written and oral presentations of results at the end of the semester.

  • Fall 2023 (2 credits);  20 students
  • Fall 2022 (2 credits);  12 students
  • Fall 2021 (2 credits);  18 students

Writing for Research (MTEOR 399X)

Principles of effective scientific writing and communication. Concepts covered are intended to be applied in MTEOR 499: Senior Research.

  • Spring 2024 (2 credits); 17 students
  • Spring 2023 (2 credits); 21 students
  • Spring 2022 (2 credits); 12 students
  • Spring 2021 (1 credit);  19 students

Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction (MTEOR 408X/508X)

Numerical solutions of the differential equations that describe weather and climate. Survey of numerical solution techniques with focus on advantages and limitations of different methods. Physical parameterizations for turbulence, clouds, and land surface processes. Forecast verification. Applications including designing and running simulations on high-performance computing systems.

  • Spring 2024 (3 credits);  14 students
  • Spring 2022 (3 credits);  20 students

Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions (MTEOR 360X)

The physical interactions between the atmosphere and ocean, and their influence on weather and climate; coupled modes of climate variability and their teleconnections; air-sea feedbacks in the tropics and mid-latitudes. Applied topics include seasonal prediction; evaluation and analysis of coupled climate model data.

  • Spring 2023 (3 credits);  21 students
  • Spring 2021 (2 credits, previously MTEOR 490F/590P);  11 students

updated 2/8/2024