Fall 2019

Physics 101: Physics for Non-scientist


Lecturer: Zhe Feitextbook2

Office: Zaffarano 309

Email: zfei (at) iastate.edu

Lectures: T, R 12:40 - 2:00 pm @ Physics 5

Office Hours: Immediately after lecture, and by appointment

Grading: Attendance (10%), Homeworks (20%), Mid-term 1 (20%), Mid-term 2 (20%), Final (30%).

Textbook: "Inquiry into Physics", by Vern J. Ostidiek and Donald J. Bord, 8th Edition, McGraw-Hill. (earlier editions are OK).

Homework: will be given through Canvas, due in one week.

Spring 2018

Physics 306: Physics of Wave Motion


Lecturer: Zhe Feitextbook1

Office: Zaffarano 309

Email: zfei (at) iastate.edu

Office Hours: To be determined

Lectures: T, R 11:00 am @ Town 206

Grading: Homeworks (30%), Mid-terms (30%), Final (30%).

Textbook: Vibrations and Waves, A.P. French (MIT).

Homework: due on Thursdays, solutions posted online in the weekends.