• S Vanderplas, D Cook, C Roettger, H Hofmann, Statistical Significance Calculations for Scenarios in Visual Inference
    Human observers use visual cues to pick data out of noise with great success. We investigate ways to quantify the significance of such findings. The classical notions of hypothesis testing and p-value are adapted to the setting of 'lineups', with a data plot randomly placed among plots of simulated data. 
    Stat, e337 (2020)
  • G Everest, C Röttger, T B Ward, The continuing story of zeta
    The famous Riemann zeta function, defined by a series for Re(s)>1, can be continued to a function which is analytic in the complex plane apart from the simple pole at s=1. We give a new, very simple proof of this well-known fact, and get the expression of zeta(-k) in terms of Bernoulli numbers into the bargain.
    Math Intelligencer vol 31 no. 3 (2009).
  • H Hofmann, H Wickham, D Cook, J Sun, C Roettger, Boom and Bust of Technology Companies at the Turn of the 21st Century
    Proceedings of InfoVis (2005)
  • C Röttger, Counting invertible matrices and uniform distribution
    (pdf preprint = 240KB, 22 pages)
    Journal de theorie des nombres de Bordeaux 17/1 (2005) 301-322
  • C Röttger, Periodic points classify a family of Markov shifts
    (pdf preprint = 204KB, 17 pages)
    Journal of Number Theory 113/1 (2005) 69-83 
  • G Everest, I Gaal, K Györy, C Röttger, Spatial distribution of solutions of decomposable form equations
    (19 pages)
    Math. Comp. 71(238): 633-648.2002
  • C Röttger, Counting Problems in Algebraic Number Theory (PhD thesis, Norwich 2000)
    The whole work (117 pages, pdf format) can be found here - look up the year 2000.
  • C Röttger, Counting generators of integral normal bases in Sym(3)-extensions of the rationals
    An abridged version has been published as Technical Report no. 416, University of Augsburg, 1999.
  • C Röttger, Über die Verteilung der Norm auf Ganzheitsnormalbasen (German, Diploma thesis, Augsburg 1994)