Superdiffusion of Pb/Si with LEEM

Superdiffusive motion


Superdiffusive motion of Pb/Si with LEEM.

This video shows the remarkable diffusion of lead atoms in the wetting layer. Here, the black region is empty, and the region outside is the moving Lead layer. Real-time for the video is 50 seconds and temperature T=180 K. The motion is superdiffusive x/t=constant instead of normal diffusion x√t=constant and explains why the islands form so quickly. The video was created by Prof. M. S. Altman's group (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) in collaboration with our group.

K. L. Man, M. C. Tringides, M. M. T. Loy, and M. S. Altman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 226102 (2008). "Anomalous Mass Transport in the Pb Wetting Layer on the Si(111) Surface"