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State and National level


Ad hoc Reviewer, Teaching of Psychology and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology (on-going)

Associate Editor, Journal of Latina/o Psychology, Dr. Azara Santiago-Rivera, Editor-in-Chief (American Psychological Association) Term: January, 2011 - December, 2013

North American Editor, Counselling Psychology Quarterly, Dr. Waseem Alladin, Editor-in-Chief (Taylor & Francis) Term: April, 2010 - August, 2013

Associate Editor for Research, Journal of Mental Health Counseling, Dr. James R. Rogers, Editor (AMHCA Journal) Term: July, 2005 - June, 2008

Consulting Editor, Teaching of Psychology, Dr. Randolph A. Smith, Editor (APA Division 2 Journal) Term: January, 2005 - December, 2007 (previous term as CE January, 2002 - December, 2004)

Editorial Board, The Counseling Psychologist, Dr. Robert T. Carter, Editor (APA Division 17 Journal)  Term: January, 2001 - December, 2003


Co-Chair, SCP Awards Committee (2008-2010 & 2014-2016). Serving through appointment by SCP President John Westefeld, I co-chaired (with Dr. Sherry Benton) and later served as a member on this committee sharing responsibility in handling the nomination, election, and awarding processes for SCP national awards.

Reviewer, STP & SCP Program Committees (1998 - present). Standing Committees of Division 2 and 17. I periodically review and evaluate proposals to help determine the programming for Divisions 2 & 17 at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

Co-Chair, Program Committee, National Latino/a Psychological Association (2009-2012). Serving by appointment of then NLPA President Edward Delgado-Romero, I shared responsibility for establishing the programming for the NLPA 2010 and 2012 Conventions. I help to call for proposals, assembled a board of referees, adjudicated proposals for acceptance, scheduled programming and worked with the conference site on delivery needs and forums.

Member, Advisory Committee to the APA Presidential Task Force on Immigration (2010). Serving by appointment of then APA President Melba Vasquez, I was a part of a panel of national experts on Latinx issues that contributed advice and feedback to a writing committee tasked with developing an evidence-based report addressing the psychological factors related to the experience of immigration, with particular attention to the mental and behavioral health needs of immigrants across the lifespan and the effects of acculturation, prejudice/discrimination, and immigration policy on individuals, families, and society.

Chair, STP Task Force on Rules for Electronic Society Business (2010). Task Force appointed by then STP President Janet Carlson. The charged with the task of creating recommendations for by-law changes surrounding handling electronic votes and other key business of the Society in an on-line fashion. The charge of the Task Force was fulfilled and a report with recommendations was filed with the STP Executive Committee.

Participant, APA National Conference on Undergraduate Psychology Education (Summer 2008). Served as team member on the NCUEP effort to draft a blueprint for undergraduate psychology education in the 21st century. Co-authored chapter for APA published text outlining broad goals for psychology educators concerning various processes and desired outcomes in undergraduate psychology education.

Chair, STP Long Range Planning Committee (2004 - 2006): Standing Committee of APA Division 2. Membership included Division 2 Past-President, President, President-Elect, Executive Director, and three Members-at-Large. Committee was charged with evaluating all Division 2 business, fiscal and professional activities, the performance of all Division 2 Committees, Task Forces, and projects, and set the agenda for the Division for the upcoming year. I also served a three-year term as a Member-At-Large for this committee during 1999-2001.

Chair, STP Task Force on Diversity in the Teaching of Psychology (1998 – 2005): Serving by appointment from then President of Division 2 (STP) Neil Lutski, I coordinated, along with Task Force members, ongoing projects related to diversity issues for the Division. Bi-annual progress reports were submitted to the Chair of the Division 2 Long Range Planning Committee and Division President. Major activities included conducting a national needs assessment survey of approximately 650 Division 2 members regarding diversity issues in the teaching of psychology; authoring manuscripts and position papers concerning diversity issues in the teaching of psychology; and, building liaisons with other APA entities interested in diversity issues in psychology. I concurrently served as the Division 2 Representative to the APA Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs. Earlier, in 1998, I served as Division 2 Liaison to the APA Board of Educational Affairs’ Task Force on Diversity Issues. The STP Task Force on Diversity in the Teaching of Psychology was sunset when STP voted to create a standing Diversity Committee.

Coordinator/Consultant, STP Departmental Consulting Service (DCS Coordinator; 2002 - 2005; Consultant 2009 - Present). Serving by appointment from the then Director of the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology Janet Carlson, I sought out experts to serve as consultants to undergraduate departments of psychology in need of assistance with conducting program evaluations and related activities. The DCS is jointly administered by APA Division 2 (STP) and the Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) of the American Psychological Association. I was approved by the APA BEA as an independent DCS Consultant in 2006.

Chair, Working Group on Diversity, APA Psychology Partnerships Project (P3; 1999 - 2000). Serving by appointment from the then Chair of the P3 Steering Committee, Virginia Mathie, with Steering Committee member Tresmaine Grimes, I coordinated the activities of the Diversity Working Group as we undertook an ongoing set projects which included increasing efforts at recruiting students of color into psychology at the high school level; increasing contact among faculty at all educational levels who are interested in diversity related issues; and, developing a list of resources for teachers of psychology directing them to outstanding students of color in the field. Progress reports were submitted to the Chair of the P3 Steering Committee.

Co-Chair, Hospitality Committee, 4th National Conference on Counseling Psychology (2001). Serving by appointment from the President of Division 17, I helped to coordinate, with other Co-Chairs and the Hospitality Suite Committee, the arrangements necessary for setting up and staffing the three (3) Hospitality Suites in operation at the National Conference on Counseling Psychology in Houston.

Member, STP Graduate & Professional Education Committee (2000 - 2003). Ad hoc committee of Division 2 (STP) charged with examining ways of developing proposals to help Division 2 improve its inclusiveness of graduate and professional level schools (Chair, Steve Meyers, Roosevelt University). I was also previously a Member of the APA Division 2 Graduate & Continuing Education Committee (1995 - 1997; Chair, Steve Meyers, Roosevelt University).

Member, SCP Membership Committee (1999 - 2003). Standing Committee of APA Division 17. Committee was charged with assisting Division 17 Presidents to, among other things, maintain and increase Division membership, review and revise membership forms and policy, as well as other duties as necessary (Chair, Nancy Hansen, The Fielding Institute).

Faculty Advisor, STP Graduate Student Teaching Association (2004 - 2007). I served as a Faculty Advisor of the APA Division 2 (STP) Graduate Student Teaching Association housed at The University of Akron. I advised the GSTA Chair, who governed this national organization of graduate students affiliated with the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. GSTA managed an annual budget, arranged professional activities for affiliated students, and was responsible for scheduling APA programming linked to GSTA interests.

Faculty Advisor, SCP Student Affiliate Group (2001 - 2004): I served as a Faculty Co-Advisor of the APA Division 17 Student Affiliate Group housed at the University of Akron. I, along with Dr. Jim Werth (UA Psychology Dept.), oversaw the SAG Executive Committee who governed this national organization of counseling psychology students in their activities (budget, professional activities, social activities, APA programming, national newsletter activities, membership rosters and dues, etc.).

APA Site Visitor (Certified), APA Committee on Accreditation (1998 – present). I am a part of a cadre of academicians, approved by the American Psychological Association, that reviews and accredits doctoral level APA-accredited training programs across the country.

University and College level activities


Member, Iowa State University Institutional Review Board (Fall, 2021 - Summer, 2022). Along with other members of the ISU IRB, I assist in evaluating research protocols for compliance with prevailing Federal laws and institutional policies.

Member, Morrill Professor Selection Committee (Spring, 2021 - present). Along with a select group of ISU Morrill Professors, we evaluate nominations from ISU faculty to be granted the rank of Morrill Professor.

Member, ISU University Workgroup on COVID-19 Research Procedures (Fall, 2020 - present). Under the leadership of Dr. Kerry Agnitsch and the ISU Office of the Vice-President for Research, a team of interdisciplinary faculty created safety protocols and procedures for conducting human subjects research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faculty Senator (CLAS At Large; CLAS Caucus Chair); Iowa State University Faculty Senate (Fall, 2009 - Spring, 2012). I shared responsibility for legislating general academic and educational policy and served to facilitate communication among faculty, students, and administration. The ISU Senate also cooperates with the administration in conflict resolution and advises the administration on budgetary and other policy matters.

Faculty Advisor; Iowa State University Mexican-American Young Achievers Society (Fall, 2008 – May, 2013). I served as the faculty advisor for this ISU undergraduate student organization.

Representative; Program Director Liaise to the CLAS Council of Chairs (Fall, 2008). I served as the informational liaise from the Council of LAS Program Directors to the LAS Council of Chairs.

Department and Program level activities


Departmental level

Director of Training, fully APA-accredited doctoral program in Counseling Psychology (Fall, 2022 - Present). I administrate the educational and clinical training elements of the doctoral program, liaise with the American Psychological Association and other related organizations, and oversee student professional development.

Member, Executive Committee (Fall 2022 - Present). I am part of a committee that serves in an advising capacity to the department chairperson.

FA 2019/SP 2020 - Promotion & Tenure Committee (Substitute member)

FA 2019/SP 2020 - Research Enhancement Committee

FA 2018 - Human Subjects Committee (Chair; 2019 - present; Co-Chair 2018-2019)

FA 2016 - Faculty Awards Committee (Member, 2016; Chair, 2017-2019; Co-Chair, 2020/2022)

SP 2012 - 2018: Department Diversity Committee (Chair/Member)

Program level

SP 2021 - APA Standards Reporting Committee (Recruitment/Retention; Student Records; Student Competencies)

FA 2020/SP 2021 - Zytowski Endowment Planning Committee