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Research team members

Current graduate students


Past graduate students

Pratik Poudel
M.S. Geology
Kyle Hugeback
Kyle Hugeback
M.S. Meteorology
David Dziubanski
David Dziubanski, PhD 2018 in Civil Engineering and Geology
Dissertation: Investigating the impacts of human decision-making and climate change on hydrologic response in an agricultural watershed


Brad Carlberg
Brad Carlberg, PhD 2018 Meteorology 
Dissertation: Improving convective mode and streamflow forecasts through the use of convection-allowing ensembles


Andrew Goenner
Andrew Goenner, MS 2019 
Thesis: An approach to create probabilistic streamflow forecasts from HRRRE & HREF probabilistic quantitative precipitation forecasts


Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman, PhD Geology 2017
Dissertation: Application of a satellite-derived potential evapotranspiration product for operational streamflow prediction


Tyler Madsen
Tyler Madsen, MS Geology and Environmental Science 2017
Thesis: Evaluation of a distributed streamflow forecast model at multiple watershed scales


Patrick Edmonds
Patrick Edmonds, MS Meteorology 2017
Thesis: A comparison of conventional annual and alternative perennial cropping systems under contemporary and future precipitation scenarios in the US Prairie Pothole Region


Ryan Spies
Ryan Spies, MS Geology 2013
Thesis: Satellite-derived potential evapotranspiration for distributed hydrologic runoff modeling in Midwestern basins


Logan Karsten
Logan Karsten, MS Meteorology 2011
Thesis: Investigation of MODIS snow cover products for use in streamflow prediction systems



Sarah Schmeig
Sara Schmeig, MS Civil Engineering 2013
Thesis: Model and parameter recalibration and reevaluation for improved flood prediction in Ames, Iowa


Kayla Conrad
Kayla Conrad, MS Meteorology 2010
Thesis: Seasonal hydrologic trends in Iowa watersheds over the last half of the 20th century


Scott Lincoln
Scott Lincoln, MS Environmental Science 2009
Thesis: A modeling approach for operational flash flood forecasting for small-scale watersheds in central Iowa


Phil Butcher
Phil Butcher, MS Meteorology 2009
Thesis: Incorporating radiation inputs into an operational snowmelt model



Eric Mykleby, MS Meteorology 2013, Thesis: Analysis of HEC-RAS accuracy on rating curve development in the Big Creek Watershed