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  • Several projects have focused on developing applications for remotely sensed data from satellites for operational streamflow prediction.  We have explored data such as snow water equivalent, snow covered area, potential evapotranspiration, and soil moisture for use in hydrologic models. 

    Collaborators: Angela Bowman, Tyler Madsen Ryan Spies, David Dziubanski, Logan Karsten (ISU), Terri Hogue, Kyle Knipper (CSM), Mohammad Barik (UCLA)

    Funding has come from NASA and the UCAR COMET program


  • Representing agricultural management processes in the National Water Model

    Collaborators: Fei Chen, Mike Barlage, Dave Gochis, Prasanth Valayamkunnath (NCAR) and Brian Cosgrove (NOAA/OWP)

    Funded by NOAA OAR


  • A simple agent-based model to support social capital building, storytelling, and collaborative action across a watershed

    Collaborators: Linda Shenk and Laura Merrick and ISU, and Story County Conservation

    Seed funding provided by ISU UTurn 


  • Applications of HRRR ensembles for ensemble hydrologic prediction

    Collaborator: Bill Gallus, ISU

    Funded by NOAA CSTAR