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Experimental Tools

We develop and apply extensive in-house ultrafast laser spectroscopy, magneto-topical spectroscopy and microscopy techniques, spanning from far-infrared to ultraviolet, that allow for the simultaneous space, energy and time visualization of coherent effects and correlation phenomena. Recently we also focus on pushing the state-of-art terahertz instruments at space-time limits of nanometer and femtosecond using customer-build laser-based scanning probe microscopies under extreme environments of high magnetic field and cryogenic temperature.



Need measurement? We offer a broad range of standard and specialized characterization tools.

         1. THz spectroscopy including 2D THz spectroscopy, THz pump THz probe spectroscopy

         2. Transient absorption and reflection spectroscopy

         3. Magneto-optical and magneto-THz spectroscopy

         4. THz emission spectroscopy and microscopy

         5. Scanning near-field optical microscopy (s-SNOM), AFM, MFM

         6. MOKE, SHG, THG, Raman, PL, TCSPC, ellipsometry, FTIR