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Experimental Tools

We develop and apply extensive in-house ultrafast laser spectroscopy, magneto-topical spectroscopy and microscopy techniques, spanning from far-infrared to ultraviolet, that allow for the simultaneous space, energy and time visualization of coherent effects and correlation phenomena. Recently we also focus on pushing the state-of-art terahertz instruments at space-time limits of nanometer and femtosecond using customer-build laser-based scanning probe microscopies under extreme environments of high magnetic field and cryogenic temperature.




Need measurement? We offer a broad range of standard and specialized characterization tools.

         1. THz spectroscopy including 2D THz spectroscopy, THz pump THz probe spectroscopy

         2. Transient absorption and reflection spectroscopy

         3. Magneto-optical and magneto-THz spectroscopy

         4. THz emission spectroscopy and microscopy

         5. Scanning near-field optical microscopy (s-SNOM), AFM, MFM

         6. MOKE, SHG, THG, Raman, PL, TCSPC, ellipsometry, FTIR

Development of Cryogenic Magneto-THz Nanoscope or cm-SNOM:  

We recently develop the first cryogenic magneto-THz scanning near-field optical microscope, cm-SNOM, operating up to 5 Tesla magnetic field and sub-2 Kelvin temperature by combining scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy and ultrashort THz pulses. The community has pushed very hard for years to develop an extreme quantum THz nanoscope that operate at temperatures down to liquid helium temperature and Tesla magnetic fields but no success until our work. Our achievements of development and application of cm-SNOM instrumentation will impact quantum and topological materials imaging and control. 

Reference: Richard H. J. KimJoong-Mok ParkSamuel J. HaeuserLiang LuoJigang Wang, "Cryogenic Magneto-terahertz Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope (cm-SNOM)"