Driven Quantum Systems and Quantum Control  Spectroscopy of Emergent and Correlated Phenomena   Fundamental Physics of Photovoltaic Materials

Ultrafast Nano-Imaging and Nano-Spectroscopy  Quantum Femtosecond Magnetism  Nonlinear and Quantum Optics from THz to UV


Revolutionary properties of quantum materials are often manifestations of coherence and entanglement, e.g. it exists between the Cooper pairs in high-temperature superconductors (SCs); it protects chiral charge transport from disorder scattering in topological states of matter (TSM). The recent development of ultrafast spectroscopy and nano-imaging tools facilitates discovering and understanding driven coherent systems involving SCs, TSM and other quantum matter controllable by light. The history of modern scientific research is comprised of cycles of great discovery enabled by revolutionary   new   apparatus  that  allow  for  the  study of  new states of  energy  and  matter. Currently, the challenge of pushing the switching speed-limit and integration density of today's logic  and  memory devices   into the terahertz (THz, 1012 hertz) and  sub-20  nanometer regime underlies  the  entire  field of  information  processing, recording, storage  and   communication. Our  central vision is to lead a paradigm shift towards  "out-of-equilibrium"  quantum  approach   for  fundamental  emergent   materials   discovery  and  nanoscale   switching   technology   by engaging  an  all-optical   quantum  control   strategy   with   various   laser-induced,   coherent   excitations.  We  approach  this  via developing  new ultrafast spectroscopy and more recently microscopy  techniques  with the  simultaneous space,  energy  and  time  visualization  under extreme  conditions. These  reveal  hidden  and unexpected  details of  quantum systems  and hints   about   their   control   at   their  extreme,   but    salient   scales:    nanometer   in   space, femtosecond in time and milli-electron volts in energy.

Our  current  primary  research  projects are listed below. Please  refer to the  publication page and links below for our recent results.

1. Driven quantum systems and coherent control

2. Spectroscopy of emergent matter

3. Fundamental photovoltaic physics

4. Ultrafast nano-imaging/spectroscopy

5. Quantum femtosecond magnetism 

6. Nonlinear and quantum optics

7. Qubit imaging and coherent spectroscopy