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Our Vision is to investigate distinctive quantum systems from nanoscale to strongly correlated electron materials, which aims both to provide a fundamental understanding and to achieve ultrafast manipulation of cooperative quantum phenomena from "simplicity" to complexity. This involves the development and applications of cutting-edge ultrafast laser spectroscopy and nano-imaging techniques over a wide frequency spectrum, spanning from terahertz to ultraviolet to understand quantum non-equilibrium processes and many-body correlation effects. Our accomplishments, particularly in coherent and non-equilibrium dynamics of driven quantum systems, provide the linkage between different communities and merge various scientific disciplines to break new frontiers.



Terahertz light quantum control
accesses new class of quantum phenomena
such as gapless superconductivity and
high harmonic generation. (Link)





Openings for students and post-docs who are interested in condensed matter physics and quantum information science, ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy



We are supported by Light-Matter Quantum Control Project, Ames Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, National Science Foundation,  and by the National Quantum Information Science Research Center - Superconducting Quantum Materials Systems Center (SQMS).