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Geology 100 - How the Earth Works

My main goal as a teacher is to help students become informed citizens, help them answer the questions they have about our planet, and stimulate their interest in science and their sense of inquiry.

The main learning outcomes for the course are: 1. To gain a thorough understanding of plate tectonics as the overarching theory that explains how the Earth works; and 2. To become knowledgeable of the concept of geologic time and the processes that scientists use to determine the age of the Earth and to reconstruct Earth’s history.

I teach Geology 100 in fall semesters.

Geology/Meteorology 112 and 113

These one-credit courses are designed to introduce new geology, Earth science, and meteorology majors enrolled in the Earth Wind & Fire Learning Community to ISU.

Offered fall (GEOL 112) and spring (GEOL 113) semesters.