Pint Lab in the News!  Some High Impact Press Highlights of our work:

Our work aims to transform new ideas into advances and technologies that can be disseminated to and understood by the general public to broaden and catalyze the impact of our efforts.  

Roundtable Talk Show, "Human Power, Can we Harvest Energy from People?"  Talk show aired on TRT world news with Prof. Pint participating as an expert on harvesting energy from human motion.  Date: 9/23/2019, URL: 

Nashville News Channel 5, "Engineers Capture CO2 to Create SuperMaterials," Local News Channel Story and Video Showing our Advance in Producing Crystalline, Small Diameter Carbon Nanotubes from Carbon Dioxide. Date: 6/19/2018. URL: 

San Francisco Chronicle, “Levi’s, Google Unveil $350 Denim Jacket that Connects to Smartphones,”  quoted Pint as an expert in the area of integrated energy storage and harvesting materials.  Date: 9/25/2017, URL:

NBC News, “Why Energy Harvesting Clothes will be such a Big Deal”  Highlighted research results from Pint Lab along with results from two other globally leading research teams in this area. Date: 8/30/2017 URL:

Chemistry Views Magazine, "Batteries Made with Sugar," Wiley Magazine Article Highlighting an Advance from Our Team in Making Stable, Room-Temperature Sodium Sulfur Batteries from Table Sugar, Sulfur, and Sodium.  Date: 2/15/2017 URL:

Association of American Universities (AAU), “Research to Secure our Energy Future” Highlighted research from Pint lab in article entitled, “Making High Performance Batteries from Junkyard Scraps,” Date: 1/23/2017 URL:

NPR News, Marketplace and Tech Insider, “World Building,” Highlighted and Interviewed Pint for batteries built from waste among other topics related to world building (including Bill Nye the Science Guy) on popular NPR Talk show.  Date: 12/14.2016  URL (Audio only):

Time Magazine, 5 Top Ideas highlighting Pint’s research results on batteries made from junkyard scraps.  Date: 11/3/2016 URL:

MIT Technology Review, “How Carbon Dioxide from the Air can Boost Batteries,” Highlighted research results from Pint Lab.  Date: 3/7/2016 URL:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, “Batteries Begone” Highlighted research results from Pint Lab on the integration of batteries into structural materials.  Date: September, 2014 URL:

BBC News, “Battery Boost from Coated Silicon,” Highlighted research results from Pint Lab on energy storage integrated into silicon wafers.  Date: 10/24/2013, URL: