Opportunities and Contact

Contact Information for ENERG @ ISU

Email: carypint@iastate.edu; carypint@gmail.com


ENERG @ ISU is not actively hiring graduate students, but always looking out for exceptional students who can benefit from being on our team.  Please either apply to the graduate program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, or contact Prof. Pint directly.  Our team is productive and successful because our teambuilding efforts strive for (1) every team member being passionately excited about the research they are pursuing, and (2) bringing together people who contribute and fit into an environment that is collaborative, collegial, and values people over projects and productivity.  Interested students or researchers should possess the following characteristics:   

1. A contagious and positive attitude.  Most of what we try fails, but the success we have is achieved by seeing the positive outcomes through experience in our failures.
2. Being driven to make a difference.  Every person on our team is here because they are one person trying to make an impact on the world, with resources and mentorship that enables that to occur.
3. Willingness to work in an interdisciplinary environment.  Major technology challenges are not confined to individual disciplines.  Problem solving at high levels requires willingness to communicate with those around us who learned concepts from a different vantage point or discipline.
4. Ability to work on a team.  The best leader is also the best follower, and the best teams are defined by how well the members work together.  Extreme high productivity only happens when a team is in resonance working together.

If you possess these traits and a desire to make a difference, please contact Cary Pint.