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Sample Preparation


Laue diffraction camera

Laue difraction camera

Laue diffraction camera is used for determinating the orientation of single crystal orientation. This is very helpful for mounting samples for ARPES measurements and for cutting larger single crystals along desired crystallographic planes. This instrument is equipped with digital readout and software for modeling the expected Laue patter based on crystallographic classification and lattice constants.

Computer controlled diamond saw

Computer controlled diamond saw

Single crystals oriented in Laue camera can be transferred and sliced using this saw. High precision, computer controller allows to make slices as thin as 100 um, depending on the mechanical properties of the sample.

Sample polishing tool

Sample polishing

Manual sample polishing however primitive, allows to achieve surfaces with roughness better than 1 nm especially for harder materials.

Evaporator and sputtering system

Evaporator and sputtering system

This instrument is used for depositing electrodes and preparation of simple thin film materials. It has two sputtering guns, six targets and two evaporation cells.