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evolution imageMy current research is focused on modeling and simulation of evolution of populations of biological or social species using evolutionary game theory, with potential applications in biology, medicine, economics, and other social sciences in general.

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    We consider a problem of how a population of biological or social species spreads or evolves in a given social network -- a problem related to research in many areas of biological, medical, and social sciences. For example, a wide range of human diseases spread through networks of possible transmission routes; news or rumors circulate among linked social sites on the internet; immediate relatives or friends influence each other on opinions or beliefs; companies purchase and sell products through trade partnerships.

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    Evolution of cooperation of biological species is an important research subject in evolutionary biology and ecology. Evolutionary game theory has been used as a tool for modeling and simulation of evolution of social cooperation. We have studied a lab developed population of two yeast strains, cooperator and cheater strains, and investigated the nature of the game played by the yeast and how cooperation is maintained and under what conditions.

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    How a population develops and evolves in a given time period of interest is a fundamental research subject in evolutionary biology and ecology, with applications in many other fields of biology and medicine, ranging from virus infection to bacteria development, from plant succession to animal breeding, and from genetic disorder to cancer evolution.

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    An allele is one of several possible forms of a gene. Most of multi-cellular organisms are diploid, i.e., their chromosomes form homologous pairs. Each pair of chromosomes has a pair of alleles at each genetic locus. Thus, n different alleles may form n square different allele pairs, as two alleles in each pair may not be the same.