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Current ProjectsBeaker

These projects have been submitted for financial support

  • Valorization of cold-hardy grape pomace (supported by IDALS)
  • Use of alternative techniques for the extraction of polyphenols from fruits and co-products.
  • Development of a physical method, tribology, to improve the understanding of red wine astringency perception
  • Effect of viticultural and winemaking practices on tannins in red grapes and wines:
    • Effect of leaf removal on tannin content in grapes and wines
    • Effect of an Accentuated Cut Edges (ACE) and enzymes treatment on tannins and anthocyanins in Marquette wines.
  • Interactions between cell wall polysaccharides and tannins in cold-hardy grapes

Research Key Words

  • GrapesLab
  • fruits
  • wines
  • chemistry
  • polyphenols
  • tannins
  • polysaccharides
  • pectins
  • winemaking practices
  • astringency management


List of Publications

My research articles are available here: 

New publication about tannin in cold-hardy red wines: in Molecules (2021):