Lab News

  • June 2022: Yiliang Cheng is the award winner of the Best Flash Talk of Enology at the 73rd ASEV conference, in San Diego, CA.


  • field dayApril 20th 2022: 16th Symposium on undergraduate research and creative expression. Carmen Vavra presented her lab work on the "evolution of red wine quality over time".


le chat in 2020

  • November 2020: Research is still going on in the lab right before Thanksgiving!

As " Le Chat" said: "Some wines improve over time" "But, this year will get better only with wine"

  • August 26th 2020harvest with lab members

Data collection and harvest with the lab members. Grape harvest...not cantaloupe harvest!


  • August 10th 2020:

The "Derecho" storm damaged the Horticulture Research Station and many plants. The grapevines were damaged as well and it will be more challenging to make wine from those grapes as part of the leaf removal research project.


  • July 2020:

Evaluation of basic enological parameters of Marquette grapes during berry development and ripening. Veraison started July 25th!


  • June 12th 2020:marquette vineyard on june 12th 2020

Preparation of the Single High Wire Marquette vineyard of the Horticulture Research Station for the research project on the effect of leaf removal on tannins, cell wall material and grape and wine acidity.


  • April 30th 2020:

Check out this review article about the chemistry and reactivity of tannins in Vitis species, published in the open access journal, Molecules:


  • March 23rd-May 2020working from home

Working from home on the HORT/FSHN 276 course, Extension program and research


  • February 28th- March 8th 2020:

Presentation about the development of a tribological method to improve the understanding of red wine astringency, at the International Hydrocolloids Conference, Melbourne, AU


  • February 21st 2020:

Intensive wine tasting workshop with the MGWII at the 2020 Cold Climate Conference, Rochester, MN

Presentation about "Polyphenols in grapes and wine" at the 2020 Cold Climate Conference, Rochester, MN


  • January 30th 2020:

Daniel Acuna, FSHN undergraduate student, focused on the tannin concentration measurements in red wines from Vitis vinifera and interspecific hybrid grapes.


  • January 23rd 2020:

Presentation about "Polyphenols in grapes and wine" at the 2020 Iowa Specialty Producers Conference, Ankeny, IA


  • January 21st-22nd 2020:

Installation of the HPLC-DAD/FLD



  • October 1st 2019:

Start of the research with Emily Kuelbs, undergraduate student, focusing on the extraction of tannins from Marquette grape skins and seeds as well as from red wines.


  • September 2019:

Development of the research lab

Harvest of Marquette and La Crescent grapes at the Horticulture research station, ISU.