SCNBaseSCNBase is a website designed as a centralized knowledge base for SCN researchers and producers. It contains genomics, genetics, population data along tools to translate this information in to practical applications. SCNBase uses GMOD Tripal and Drupal's luggage extension to manage the genomics data and empower efficient web development by multiple users.



Hazardous Materials Shipping from ISU

Hazardous Materials Shipping from ISUEH&S is transitioning to an online hazardous materials shipment system, which will streamline the hazardous materials shipping process at ISU. The online system will replace the current hazardous materials shipping form, which is emailed or faxed to EH&S. Use of the online system will become mandatory beginning December 5, 2016. The link to the new online form is:



Laboratory Safety Manual

Laboratory Safety ManualThe Iowa State University Laboratory Safety Manual is designed to provide users with general health and safety information. Following the guidance outlined in this manual will help prevent illness and injury while protecting the environment.




Genome Informatics Facility (GIF)

Genome Informatics Facility (GIF)The Genome Informatics Facility serves as a centralized resource of expertise on the application of emerging sequencing technologies and open source software as applied to biological systems. Its mission is to integrate this knowledge into pipelines that are easy to understand and use by faculty, staff and students to enable the transformation of ‘big data’ into data that dramatically accelerates our understanding of biology and evolutionary processes.