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SWITCH ("School Wellness Integration Targeting Child Health") is an innovative school wellness initiative designed to support and enhance school wellness programming. Through SWITCH, schools can help student to "Switch what they Do, View, and Chew!" in the academic classroom, in Physical Education and at the lunchroom.

For more information about SWITCH, visit the website: https://www.iowaswitch.org/


As a leading researcher in the refinement and dissemination of the SWITCH program since 2014, I have worked on the development of:

  • The SWITCH classroom module (Elementary and Middle school)                            SWITCH classroom


  • The SWITCH PE warm-ups                                        SWITCH PE    

  • The SWITCH community of practice              coP

  • The Social-Emotional learning pathway with SWITCH                                     SEL poster

  • Research activities related to the feasibility, effectiveness and scale-up of the SWITCH program with the results being published in peer-reviewed journals.

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SWITCH paper 2
SWITCH paper 3