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Move for Thought PreK-K



Watch the introductory video to learn more about the Move for Thought PreK-K program


Click on the pictures below to download the pdf files 

                                      Move for Thought PreK-K program            Black and White            Supportive files


Move for Thought PreK-K music 

click on the title of the song to open the music file

Music1. Wiggly Giggily Car

2. It's Hot Today

3. First, Next, Last

4. Clickety Clack

5. If you're Happy

6. Tocatta

7. Freeze

8. Rain is Falling

9. I'm Getting Ready

10. Saints Go Marching

11. I Really Gotta Jump


 Move for Thought PreK-K training


Move for Thought PreK-K instructional videos

All instructional videos were recorded outdoors due to COVID19 pandemic. However, the activities were developed to be used in the classroom (large group, small group, transitions) as well as outdoors. Instructional videos for transitions were not developed as those are short and easy to use.

Special thanks to our little friends, Arjun, Caleb, Callista, Cate, Lois, Marietta, Neil, Olivia, Scott, and Zoe who volunteered to participate in the development of the instructional videos (and a big thank you to their families)!