Srimoyee  Sen

Srimoyee Sen

  • Assistant Professor
I am an assistant professor at the department of physics and astronomy at Iowa State University. Broadly speaking I am interested in quantum field theoretic aspects of strong interactions with a focus on applications to QCD. I spend a significant part of my time thinking about quantum phase transitions and topological phases of matter and their interrelations with lattice gauge theory. Another research direction that I am pursuing involves understanding low temperature dense phases of matter that are likely to be realized in the cores of neutron stars. In this regard, my current research interest has primarily two complementing directions. One of them involves understanding quark-Hadron and Higgs-confinement phase transitions in QCD and QCD like theories. The other utilizes various effective field theory techniques ranging from chiral expansion, Fermi liquid theory and the virial expansion to understand phenomenological consequences of strong dynamics in dense environments made up of nucleons and or quarks.


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