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The Group

We are proud to have a diverse group representing so many nationalities. This includes USA, India, Egypt, China, and Iran. Meet the group here.


Research Scientist       

Dr. Saji Uthaman (                                           

Ph.D., Chonnam National University, S. Korea                                     








Postdoctoral Fellows     

Dr. Nora Hassan (

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore



Graduate Students

            Lilly Synan                           Gabriel Cutshaw                      Saman Ghazvini                           Siddhant Kothadiya              Xiaona Wen

  (                (             (                 (        (wenx@iastate.eduLilly           Gabriel        Saman        Sid

Undergraduate Students

Bryce Stubbings (Grisworld Intern 2020 - 2022)

Group Alumni

Graduate Students

May Ou (Ph.D., 2019, Research Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb)
Naiya Soetan (Ph.D., 2018, R&D Engineer, Intel, Phoenix, AZ)
William Erwin (Ph.D., 2017, Senior Research Scientist, AEgis Technologies, Huntsville, AL)
Holly Zarick (Ph.D., 2017, Science and Engineering Project Manager, Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM)
Joseph Webb (Ph.D., 2017, Assistant Prof. of Chemistry, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN)
Eden Paul (M.S., 2019, Clinical Project Associate, Sarah Cannon, Nashville, TN)
Eric Talbert (M.S., 2016, Felix Tech Inc. Vice President)


Quinton Victor (NSF REU 2019, University of Miami)
Chandra Corn (Clinical Trial Administrator, Sarah Cannon, Nashville, TN)
Andrew Hunt (Class of 2018, Process Engineer, Georgia-Pacific, Zachary, LA)
Danielle Cole (Class of 2018, Associate Consultant, Putnam Associates, Boston, MA)
Zach Debra (Class of 2017, Product Support Engineer, Component Repair Technologies, Cleveland, OH)
Shih-Hao Ou (REU 2016, Johns Hopkins University)
Joseph Hittinger (Class of 2017, Graduate School at Tulane)
Camden Cutright (Class of 2016, Graduate School at NC State)
Poorva Arora (Class of 2018, Vanderbilt University)
Sharon Lin (NSF REU, 2015, Graduate school at MIT)
Wendy Yu (Class of 2018, Software Engineer, Amazon Robotics)
Greg Libson (Class of 2018, Product Manager, Capital One)
Christopher Banks (NSF REU, 2015, Graduate School Norfolk State, VA)
Christopher McDonald (NSF REU, 2015)
Joseph Feitel (Class of 2017; Vanderbilt University)
Olivia Hurd (Class of 2016; Vanderbilt University)
Nastasia Allred (NSF REU, 2014, Graduate School at Tennessee Tech)
Jayde Aufrecht (Class of 2014; PhD at UT Knoxville)
Andrew Coppola (Class of 2014; PhD at University of Florida)
Andrew Spencer (Class of 2015, Graduate School at Northeastern University)
Miranda Trentle (NSF-REU, 2013, PhD at University of Alabama)
Jon Paul Elizondo (NSF-REU, 2013)