My Math Genealogy 


Current Doctoral Students Supervision

Kunal Das
  • Kunal Das, Ph.D. student, 2019-Present, Iowa State University

Zhiling Gu


  • Zhiling Gu, Ph.D. student, 2019-Present, Iowa State University
Yueying Wang
Myungjin Kim
  • Myungjin Kim, Ph.D. student, 2015-Present, Iowa State University
    • Dissertation Title: "Generalized, quantile and constrained nonparametric regression for spatial data"
    • IMS ​Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award, 2020
    • To join Brown University as Kawaja and Wendy Holcombe Assistant Professor of Data Science, 2021


Completed Doctoral Students Supervision


Shan Yu
  • Shan Yu, Ph.D., 2015-2020, Iowa State University  (Co-advised by Prof. Dan Nettleton)
    • Dissertation Title: "Model Estimation, Identification and Inference for Next-generation Functional Data and Spatial Data"
    • 2019 IMS Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award
    • One of the three runners-up of 2019 ASA statistics in Imaging section student paper competition
    • Current Position: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, the University of Virginia, 2020--
Rodrigo Plazola
  • Rodrigo Plazola-Ortiz, Ph.D., 2015-2020, Iowa State University  (Co-advised by Prof. Yehua Li)
    • Dissertation Title: "Interaction Forward Selection in Ultra-high-dimensional Functional Linear Models"
    • Current Position: Biostatistician, Boehringer Ingelheim, 2020--
Jue Wang
  • Jue Wang, Ph.D. (co-major), 2014-2019, Iowa State University  (Co-advised by Prof. Steven Hou)
    • Dissertation Title: "Studies on Semiparametric Spatial Regression Models"
    • Current Position: Data Scientist, JP Morgan Chase, 2019--
    • Awards: Bancroft award in Statistics, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University
Jingru Mu
  • Jingru Mu, Ph.D., 2015-2019, Iowa State University
    • Dissertation Title: "Spatially Varying Coefficient Models: Theory and Methods"
    • Current Position: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Kansas State University, 2019--
Xinyi Li
  • Xinyi Li, Ph.D., 2014-2018, Iowa State University
    • Dissertation Title: "Non/Semi-parametric Learning from Data with Complex Features"
    • Current Position: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Clemson University, 2020--
    • Awards:
      • 2019 IMS New Researcher Travel Award
      • 2017 ASA GA Chapter Best Student Poster Award
      • 2nd Place (out of 120 teams) in 2016 Data Mining Cup
Chenhui Liu
  • Chenhui Liu, Ph.D. (co-major), 2014-2018, Iowa State University  (Co-advised by Prof. Anuj Sharma)
    • Dissertation Title: "Three Essays on Crash Frequency Analysis"
    • Current Position: Research Associate, Federal Highway Administration, 2018--
    • 2018 Spring Graduate College Research Excellence Award, Iowa State University
Guannan Wang
  • Guannan Wang, Ph.D., 2010-2015, The University of Georgia  (Co-advised by Prof. Jaxk Reeves)
    • Dissertation Title: "High/Ultra-High Dimensional Single-Index Models"
    • Current Position: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, College of William & Mary, 2015--
    • Awards:
      • 2019 IMS New Researcher Travel Award
      • Best Senior Graduate Student (2014-2015), Department of Statistics, University of Georgia
      • 1st place, 2014 SAS Analytics Shootout
      • Student Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant (2014), University of Georgia
Cong Feng
  • Cong Feng, Ph.D., 2008-2012, The University of Georgia  (Co-advised by Prof. Lynne Seymour)
    • Dissertation Title: "Nonparametric Analysis of Complex Time Series"
    • Current Position: Research Scientist, Facebook
    • Awards:
      • Best Senior Graduate Student (2011-2012), Department of Statistics, University of Georgia


M.S. Students Supervision

  • Yue Zhang, M.S., 2019,  Iowa State University
  • Shan Yu, M.S., 2018, Iowa State University
  • Siyan Hu, M.S., 2011, University of Georgia

Ph.D. Committee Member

  • Brandon Klinedinst, Neuroscience, Iowa State, Current
  • Run Wang, Statistics, Iowa State, Current 
  • Peiyu Cao, EEOBS, Iowa State, Current
  • Xinyue Chang, Statistics, Iowa State, Current
  • Fan Dai, Statistics, Iowa State, Current
  • Sepideh Mosaferi, Statistics, Iowa State, Current
  • Jiayi Luo, Statistics, Iowa State, Current
  • Qianqian Shan, Statistics, Iowa State, Current
  • Zhenzhong Wang, Statistics, Iowa State, Current
  • Pranamesh Chakraborty, CCE, Iowa State, 2019
  • Danhyang Lee, Statistics, Iowa State, 2019
  • Haozhe Zhang, Statistics, Iowa State, 2019
  • Ran Bi, Statistics, Iowa State, 2018
  • Seho Park, Statistics, Iowa State, 2018
  • Daniel Ries, Statistics, Iowa State, 2018 
  • Kimberly Vanous, Genetics, Iowa State, 2018 
  • Zhonglei Wang, Statistics, Iowa State, 2018
  • Brenna Curley, Statistics, Iowa State, 2017
  • Natalia Da Silva, Statistics, Iowa State, 2017
  • Didem Sari, IMSE, Iowa State, 2017
  • Basulto-Elias Guillermo, Statistics, Iowa State, 2016
  • Bokan Chen, IMSE, Iowa State, 2016
  • Zhixia Ma, Economics, Iowa State, 2016
  • Yuhang Xu, Statistics, Iowa State, 2016
  • Wei Zhang, Statistics, Iowa State, 2016
  • Leilei Zhang, IMSE, Iowa State, 2015
  • Debin Qiu, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2015
  • Wenhui Sheng, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2015
  • Wenbo Wu, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2014
  • Sandra Addo, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2014
  • Haileab Tesfe Hilafu, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2014
  • Xinyu Liu, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2013
  • Jin Tang, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2013
  • Yuan Xue, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2013
  • Kun Xu, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2012
  • Amy Vaughan, Statistics, U. of Georgia, 2009

M.S. Committee Member

  • Fan Dai, Statistics, ISU, Current
  • Qinglong Tian, Statistics, ISU, 2018
  • Dinesh Poddaturi, Statistics, ISU, 2018
  • Xiaofei Zhang, Statistics, ISU, 2018
  • Xiangzhen Li, Statistics, ISU, 2017
  • Wei Hu, Statistics, ISU, 2017
  • Sisi Hu, Journalism, ISU, 2016
  • Rosy Oh, Statistics, ISU, 2016


Undergraduate Advising

I have served as an advisor for more than 20 undergraduate students at Iowa State University.

Group Pictures

Xinyi Li, Lily Wang, Chenhui Liu

Students 2

Xinyi Li, Lily Wang, Guannan Wang, Shan Yu Students 1