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My approach to teaching biology

I LOVE teaching Principles of Biology I because I LOVE biodiversity.  I find every organism endlessly fascinating and am always learning new things that I will enthusiastically share (with everybody - my students, colleagues down the hall, my Facebook friends, my patient spouse, etc.). It is my primary goal to make this wonderment infectious, to make my students want to learn more about the organisms that they share the planet with. I do this because education is the best means to slow biodiversity loss and climate change; two of the most critical issues facing humanity.


Recent syllabi

Syllabus for Principles of Biology I - BIOL211 (Spring 2020)

Syllabus for Biological Processes in the Environment - ENSCI251 (Spring 2020)



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In class activities

Biederman LA. 2016.  Prokaryote metabolism review

Biederman LA. 2016. Protostome classification review