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This page lists sponsored research projects currently underway. I am also engaged in writing projects, also underway, which are not listed here. 

  • PI: Amy Kaleita

    Co-PI: Leifur Leifson, Clark Wolf, Elliot Weiner

    This interdisciplinary and inter-institutional project seeks to develop computer-modeled representation tools to assist in sustainable policy choice for food/energy/water infrastructure. 

  • NSF: Development, Validation, and Application of an Assessment Tool for RCR Training.

    PI: Clark Wolf.

    Co-PIs: Patrick Armstrong (Psychometrics),  Nancy Boury (Biology), Audrey McCombs (Statistics), Nick Peters (Biology).  

    This award initially provided five years of funding toward the development of a validated assessment tool to measure student gains in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training. The project began with development of the Iowa State Assessment of RCR Training (ISART) assessment tool. After final-stage refinement, ISART will be administered to different sample and expert groups to assess the comparative efficacy of alternative teaching modes for RCR training. 

  • USDA-NIFA: Gene-Edited Foods Project.

    PI: Carmen Bain.

    Co-PIs: Michael Dahlstrom, David Peters, Theresa Selfa, Clark Wolf, Jeffrey Wolt

    Christopher Cummings, Sr. Research Fellow, Sonja Lindberg, Research Assistant.

    This project seeks to investigate aspects of public trust and mistrust of gene edited foods (GEFs) and to evaluate regulatory instruments designed to manage risks and promote innovation in this area of food and agricultural technology.