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The Li Group at ISU

| Molecular Editing and Asymmetric Catalysis |

| Molecular editing |

The Li group is focused on designing new strategies to modify the carbon framework of natural products with the goal of achieving atom-swapping reactions. In a reaction sequence involving heteroatom insertion, carbon extrusion, and carbon-heteroatom bond formation, we are developing transition-metal catalyzed process to address challenges in the carbon extrusion step.

| Asymmetric catalysis |

The development of catalytic enantioselective methods in the Li group is centered on accessing new planar chiral macrocycles that do not possess elements of point chirality. Despite common occurrences in natural products, planar chirality is currently not a design element incorporated into small molecules to modulate their biological activity. Our group strives to discover modes of asymmetric induction to access enantioenriched planar chiral molecules, and to elucidate the structural elements required to prevent racemization of these molecules.

Graduate students will learn a combination of method development, synthesis, asymmetric catalysis, and where relevant, organometallic chemistry, to understand and solve the problems they are interested in.

| Group news |