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About the Jernigan Laboratory

Welcome to Jernigan lab website !  Our prime focus lies in Computational studies on the structures of cells, proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules, and their interactions.We are located at Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology at Iowa State University Ames, Iowa. Overall, the direction of research has been to push toward the comprehension of the functions of larger structures, and the incorporation of diverse data to construct models of these.

Major impact on protein computations, by developing and applying coarse-grained models to capture important functional motions of structure

  • Well known for mining information from protein structures and using it to evaluate predicted structures – Miyazawa-Jernigan potentials, elastic network deformations of structures, protein and ribosome mechanism.
  • Knowledgeable about a wide variety of research subjects, from the physical sciences to the biological sciences, from biomedicine to genomics, with a broad view of basic and applied research.
  • A recognized authority in computational and structural biology, with broader interests in bioinformatics, genomics, engineering and sub-cellular biology
  • High impact publications – 1 paper ~ 1500 citations, and 42 papers with > 100 citations each
  • 17,791 total citations, h-index 64
  • Fellow, AAAS
  • Fellow,Biophysical Society
  • New book “Protein Actions” is available, received 2018 PROSE award for best textbook in the biological and life sciences.
  • 2019 Award to Jernigan – Iowa State University - Regents Award for Faculty Excellence