The B.A.I. Lab

Welcome to the [B] iology of [A] ging [I] nvestigation lab!

We are interested in understanding: How animals age? Our main research goal is to decipher the contributing factors that regulate tissue homeostasis and aging. Currently, the lab is focusing on following areas: autophagy, mitochondrial and peroxisomal stress pathways, inter-tissue and inter-organelle communication, cardiac aging.

By elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging, we hope that we can find ways to prevent age-associated diseases and prolong the healthspan of global aging population.

Lab News

New rotation students Min Jung Kwon and Promit Sinha Roy join the lab. Welcome!!

New rotation student Tessa Bierbaum joins the lab. Welcome!!

Anurag won Poster Award at Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Symposium. Congratulations!

Anh Pham officially joins the lab. Welcome!

Congratulations on our undergraduate students who are getting 2023 summer internships!!!
Wren Murzyn won GDCB Summer Undergraduate Research Internship
Catherine Steele won LAS Dean's High Impact Award for Undergraduate Research
Elizabeth Larkin won LAS Dean's High Impact Award for Undergraduate Research

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Recent Publications

Ting's FASN autoacetylation story was published in PNAS.