4th Concept Detector




A new concept in high energy physics detectors

John Hauptman, Spokesperson, Iowa State University
Franco Grancagnolo, Spokesperson, INFN, Lecce





A big detector at a future e+e- linear collider must be better than the already excellent LEP detectors at CERN, and we have introduced new ideas to achieve this goal.

An ultra-low mass tracking drift chamber, with a He-based gas carbon fiber wires, based on the successful KLOE chamber at Frascati, Italy, and read out with a GHz digitizer to be able to count individual ionization clusters. This is the idea of Franco Grancagnolo at INFN, Lecce, Italy.

A dual readout calorimeter based on the successful tests of the DREAM collaboration at CERN that will have exceptional hadronic energy resolution and unique particle identification capabilities. This is the idea of Richard Wigmans at Texas Tech University.

A unique magnetic field configuration without iron in which the magnetic flux from the inner tracking solenoid is returned by a second outer solenoid and a series of coils that effectively confine the magnetic field to a cylinder. This affords superior muon identification and coverage, a much lower mass detector, control over the final beam focus, and easy access to the inner detectors. This is the idea of Alexander Mikhailichenko at Cornell University.

A simulation and physics analysis package based on root from CERN describes this new detector, but it is incomplete and does not represent the full capabilities of this detector.