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My research interests are in Analysis and Data Science.  I have received NSF funding for both in the last two years.  I am also supervising REU projects in the summer of 2019 in both areas.

Data Science:

I am interested in data science from a functional analytic viewpoint.  This includes approximation properties of neural networks, distributed computation for analysis of large datasets, and the melding of time-frequency analysis and topological data analysis.  My project on distributed computation is currently funded by an NSF grant from the "Algorithms for Threat Detection" program (Award #1803254).  We are developing new methods for analyzing distributed spatiotemporal datasets by utilizing the Kaczmarz algorithm.  

I am part of the TRIPODS award at Iowa State University: HDR TRIPODS: D4 (Dependable Data-Driven Discovery) Institute (Award #1934884).



I am interested in harmonic analysis in general, and harmonic analysis of fractals in particular.  Harmonic Analysis on fractals often is referred to as "Nonsmooth Harmonic Analysis", and we held a CBMS conference on this topic in June 2018, with financial support from NSF.  Please click on "CBMS 2018" in the menu above for more information.