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  • Science for a changing agriculture

    CCHANGE: Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises

    C-CHANGE is the Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises. Collaborating institutions work to build science-based partnerships for meeting 21st century challenges in agriculture, technology, and innovation. Partnerships are needed to meet the goals of delivering abundant, affordable, and safe food and energy to 10 billion people while also returning value to people and the land.

  • SciComm@ISU

    The Science Communication Project

    To communicate science successfully in policy contexts requires more than effective techniques. It requires attention to appropriate means for maintaining the public’s trust and earning science’s “rightful place” in civic deliberations—that is, it requires a normative approach to science communication. The overall research goal of the Science Communication program at Iowa State University is to deepen our understanding of the normative and practical challenges of communicating science in controversial settings and of appropriate methods for addressing these challenges. The interdisciplinary team includes expertise in science journalism/mass communication, environmental communication, and normative theories of argumentation.