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BIOL 313 Principles of Genetics (Spring 2021), Co-instuctor with Dr. Sayali Kukday. Upper division undergraduate course (3 credits). Introduction to the principles of transmission and molecular genetics of plants, animals, and bacteria. Recombination, structure and replication of DNA, gene expression, cloning, quantitative genetics, and population genetics. Students may receive graduation credit for no more than one of the following: Gen 260, Gen 313 and 313L, Gen 320, Biol 313 and 313L, and Agron 320. Offered online during Spring 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prereq: BIOL 211BIOL 211LBIOL 212, and BIOL 212L 

GEN 409 Molecular Genetics (Fall 2018, Fall 2021), Co-instructor. Upper division undergraduate course (3 credits). This course covers the principles of molecular genetics with an emphasis on experimental evidence from published literature. Topics covered include: molecular organization of genes and genomes; molecular mechanisms of transcription, translation and the regulation of gene expression. Current technologies used in genetic engineering and genomics are highlighted.

GDCB 544 Fundamentals of Bioinformatics (Fall 2016, Fall 2017) Instructor. Graduate level course (4 credits - lecture and laboratory). A practical, hands-on overview of how to apply bioinformatics to biological research. Recommended for biologists desiring to gain computational molecular biology skills. Topics include: sequence analysis, genomics, proteomics, phyologenetic analyses, ontology enrichment, systems biology, data visualization and emergent technologies.

GDCB 545 Plant Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (Fall 2019, Fall 2021) Co-instructor. Graduate level course (3 credits, lecture). This course covers recent advances in these fields.  It is an advanced course intended primarily for graduate students.  Discussion based and uses current primary literature as a reading resource.  A special feature of the course is the opportunity to write a research proposal on a topic of your choosing and to participate in a mock panel to review proposals submitted by your classmates.

BIOL 420X Plant Molecular Biology (Spring 2020) Instructor. Upper division course (3 credits, lecture). Molecular aspects of plant biology with an emphasis on model seed plants. Topics include plant metabolism, genome organization and expression, cell architecture, membrane transport, protein trafficking and special topics related to development and response to biological and environmental stimuli. Includes examples from contemporary experimental plant biology research. Contact Dr. Kelley if you are interested in knowing more about this new Biology course!