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Collaborations with ISU Faculty and Graduate Students

  • Baccam P, Thompson RJ, Li Y, Sparks WO, Belshan M, Dorman KS, Wannemuehler Y, Oaks JL, Cornette JL, Carpenter S. Subpopulations of equine infectious anemia virus Rev coexist in vivo and differ in phenotype. J Virol. 2003 Nov;77(22):12122-31.

  • Baccam P, Thompson RJ, Fedrigo O, Carpenter S, Cornette JL. PAQ: Partition Analysis of Quasispecies. Bioinformatics. 2001 Jan;17(1):16-22.

  • Belshan M, Baccam P, Oaks JL, Sponseller BA, Murphy SC, Cornette J, Carpenter S. Genetic and biological variation in equine infectious anemia virus Rev correlates with variable stages of clinical disease in an experimentally infected pony. Virology. 2001 Jan 5;279(1):185-200.

  • Prasith Baccam, Ph.D. thesis directed by Susan L. Carpenter and James L. Cornette, Genetic variation and evolution of equine infectious anemia virus rev quasispecies during long term persistent infection, Iowa State University, 2000.

  • Tong Wang, Earl G. Hammond, James L. Cornette, and Walter R. Fehr, Fractionation of soybean phospholipids by high-performance lipid chromoatograpy with an evaporative light-scattering detector, J. Amer. Oil Chem. Soc. 76 (1999) 1313-1321.

  • Rong Wang, Ph.D. thesis directed by and James L. Cornette and Mirjana Randic, Modulation of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) type A receptor-mediated responses in spinal dorsal horn neurons by [mu]-opioid receptor agonists and Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase and Monte Carlo simulation of the GABAergic synaptic transmission, Iowa State University, 1995.

  • Inmok Lee, E. G. Hammond, J. L. Cornette, and B. A. Glatz, Triacylglycerol assembly from binary mixtures of fatty acids by Apiotrichum curvatumLipids, 28: 1055-1061 (1993).

  • Hsieh, Wei-Hua, Ph.D. thesis directed by James L. Cornette, Study of secondary structure of protein sequences by linear algebra, Iowa State University, 1991.

  • Luis A. Escobar, J. L. Cornette, Spacing of information in polynomial regression: a simple solution, Commun. Statist. Theor. Meth. 12 (17) (1983), 2035 2042.

  • Charles Belna, Peter Colwell, James Cornette, The special 3 segment property, Bull. Acad. Polon. Sci., Sér. Sci. Math. 29 (1981), 393 395. 


A collaboration begun in 1985 at the National Cancer Institute with

  • Charles DeLisi, in 2015, Metcalf Professor, Science and Engineering, and Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering at Boston University

  • Jay A. Berzofsky, in 2015, Chief, Vaccine Branch, Head, Molecular Immunogenetics and Vaccine Research Section at the National Cancer Institute, and

  • Hanah Margalit, in 2015, Professor of Microbiology, Head of the Molecular Biology Laboratory, and Head of the Graduate Program in Genomics and Bioinformatics, of Hebrew University, Jerusalem