Claus  Kadelka

Claus Kadelka

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Kadelka's research encompasses mathematical biology, biomedical data science, molecular epidemiology, applied statistics, algebraic geometry and discrete mathematics. Most of his work focuses on gene regulatory networks and HIV.

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444 Carver
411 Morrill Rd
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  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Virginia Tech, 2015
  • M.S., Mathematics, Virginia Tech, 2011
  • Prediploma, Business Mathematics, KIT (Germany), 2009

More Information

I am interested in better understanding the regulatory networks within a cell. These networks are surprisingly robust to noise and mutations. My research seeks to identify the mechanisms underlying this robustness, by relating the network topology to the network dynamics.

Moreover, I have an interest in biomedical data science. I work with colleagues from the Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SHCS), aiming to understand why HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies, which constitute a major hope for an HIV vaccine and therapy development, are only elicited at low frequency in natural HIV infection.