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Since the first coronavirus outbreak of SARS-CoV in 2002, much research has been put in developing new drugs against the virus and examining the use of existing, FDA approved therapies that could be repurposed to also treat coronavirus infections.   These drugs fall into 3 general categories for mechanism of action; 1) antiviral, taking direct action against the virus; 2) anti-inflammatory, reduce immune related pathology during infection; and 3) supportive, treating life threatening complications.    

  • Biohazard symbol

    Iowa State University has several BSL3 Research Laboratory Facilities that support numerous research projects varying from vaccine and antimicrobial research and development to basic pathogenesis research involving a number of pathogens of high consequence of humans and animals. These facilities are designed to accommodate a wide variety of in vitro and in vivo work with live pathogens for multiple users. Any questions on using the facility please feel free to contact me.

  • Many research projects that involve BSL3 agents greatly improve their likelihood for funding by including critical proof-of-concept data. However, acquiring such data requires established facilities and personnel versed in technical aspects to conduct biosafe experiments to the investigators expectations. To assist in deriving critical proof-of-concept data, we have instituted a Fee for Service mechanism for BSL3 and ABSL3 experiments that leverage approved procedures, pathogens and personnel to rapidly and accurately complete desired experiments. Areas of BSL3/ABSL3 expertise include conducting the following types of experiments with emerging and zoonotic pathogens:

  • Rhesus kidney epithelial cells LLC-MK2 stained by WGA (green)

    Goal of this project is to rapidly develop and test antivirals against novel SARS-CoV2. We will measure reductions in virus induced cytopathic effects  following different treatments. These treatments will range from the examination of repurposed FDA-approved drugs to novel formulations developed by collaborators at ISU and beyond.