Xueyu Song

Xueyu Song

  • Professor of Chemistry


Contact Info

303 Wilhelm
2332 Pammel Dr.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, 1995-1998
  • Ph.D, California Institiute of Technology, 1995

Research Interests

Our research interest focuses on the application and development of theoretical and computational tools for the study of chemical reactions in chemical and biochemical systems. Currently, we are developing theories of electron transfer in solutions and inhomogeneous materials, solvent effects on chemical reactions in condensed phases, solvation dynamics in protein environments, phase behaviors and nucleation kinetics of metallic systems and theory of protein solutions, sub-diffraction imaging using heterodyne and entangled photons.

Here are some of the projects studied in our group currently:

  • Solvation dynamics in ionic fluids and an extended Debye-Hückel theory,
  • Phase behaviors and nucleation kinetics of protein solutions
  • Sub-diffraction imaging using heterodyne and entangled photons
  • Studies of nano-domains of supercooled liquids using machine learning