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Recent Publications

Detailed step-by-step cookbook protocol for measuring the plant translatome (translation efficiency of all mRNAs) by ribosome profiling (ribo-seq).  Sonia J, Kanodia P, Lozier Z, Miller WA (2024) Ribosome profiling of plants. In: Fontes, EP, Mäkinen, K (eds) Plant-Virus Interactions. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2724. Humana, New York, NY


RiboVI, a statistical tool by collaborator Peng Liu's group, reveals more statistically significant changes in translation efficiencies of mRNAs detected by ribosome profiling.  Walker DC, Lozier ZR, Bi R, Kanodia P, Miller WA, Liu P (2023) Variational inference for detecting differential translation in ribosome profiling studies.  Frontiers in Genetics 14, 1178508.


A full-length infectious clone of cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV that my lab (Randy Beckett) made many years ago, but never published, gets put to use by collaborators Yi Xu and Stewart Gray to reveal a key mutation in the viral suppressor of host innate immune response that may be favored in this warming climate.  Cai L, Dang M, Yang Y, Mei R, Li F, Tao X, Palukaitis P, Beckett R, Miller WA, Gray SM, Xu Y (2023) Naturally occurring substitution of an amino acid in a plant virus gene-silencing suppressor enhances viral adaptation to increasing thermal stressPLoS Pathogens 19, e1011301


Pleased to be 1 of 156 expert virologists to co-author a commentary urging for more research on viruses, in response to politicians and influencers touting fake news of virus lab leaks, etc. We need virus research more than ever!  Virology under the Microscope—a Call for Rational Discourse. Journal of Virology 97 e00089-23, mBio 14 e00188-23, mSphere 8


Deep sequencing reveals new viruses in maize and teosinte!  Ryan R. Lappe, Manjula G. Elmore, Zachary R. Lozier, Georg Jander, W. Allen Miller and Steven A. Whitham (2022) Metagenomic identification of novel viruses of maize and teosinte in North America. BMC Genomics 23:767.

Genomes of new maize RNA viruses