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Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. Students:

(Name: degree conferred dates, current affiliation, dissertation theme or title)

  • Nate Benjamin: Current, ISU (Highly structured graphs and coherent configurations)
  • Ted Tranel: Current, ISU (Group divisible designs with multiple resolutions)
  • Robert Lazar: Dec 2017, DARPA (Association schemes and designs in symplectic vector spaces over finite fields)
  • Darren Rasberry: May 2017, Mercy College of Health Sciences (On minimal support solutions of underdetermined systems of linear equations) Dissertation supervised by Dr. Irvin Hentzel
  • Kathleen Nowak: May 2015, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Partial geometric designs and difference families)
  • Oktay Olmez: May 2012, Ankara University, Faculty of Science (On highly regular digraphs)
  • Gargi Bhattacharyya: May 2008, Occidental College, CA (Terwilliger algebras of wreath products of association schemes)
  • Juhyung Kim: August 2005, Wonkwang University, Korea (Classification of small-class association schemes obtained from certain combinatorial objects) Co-supervised with Dr. Ling Long
  • Mandi Maxwell: May 2005, Trinity College in Chicago (Almost perfect nonlinear functions and related combinatorial structures) Co-supervised with Dr. Clifford Bergman