Welcome to the Serão Genomics Lab

In the Serão Genomics Lab we are interested in creating a better world by training students and doing research on a variety of novel projects!

Our research is focused on quantitative genetics and genomics of complex traits, such as disease/stress response and fertility in livestock animals; QTL mapping; Genomic prediction/selection; Gene expression analysis; Statistical methods for genomic analyses; Big Data; Modeling of immune response, and infectious diseases; Principles of Experimentation.


06/02/2020 Read the article in National Hog Farm about our research: Sow vaginal microbiota heritable; can predict reproductive performance

05/29/2020 Congratulations to Mr. Felipe Hickmann for defending his MSc!

05/15/2020 Congratulations to Ms. Leticia Sanglard! Ms. Sanglard received two prestigious awards: Duane and Shirley Acker International Fellowship (Department of Animal Science) and the Print and Grace Powers Hudson Scholarship (CALS). Great job!